Change Office 365 credit/debit card information

Office 365 help series – Updating credit/debit cards

Updating Office 365 credit/debit card details

This article explains how to edit or change the credit/debit card details used for paying for Office 365 subscriptions.

Office 365 subscriptions are paid direct to Microsoft on a monthly or annual basis by credit/debit card. Occasionally, card information needs to be updated, for instance when a card is nearing its expiry date. Sometimes new card information needs to be lodged with Microsoft if a card has been replaced.

Click open the sections below to find out how to manage your Office 365 payment arrangements with Microsoft.

1 - Log into Office 365

Information about your Office 365 account is kept in the “Billing” section your Office 365 admin center dashboard. In Billing, you can keep track of Office 365 licenses, payment history, and payment information which includes your active credit/debit card details.

Follow the steps below to find your way to the Office 365 Admin Center dashboard. If you use Outlook Web Access (OWA) to manage your email, and you already know how to login to services, you can go straight to the second image. If you do not know your password, you will need to contact us to help you reset your password.

Sign in to Office 365

Log into your dashboard my pointing your web browser to either:


The landing page will look similar to the screenshot below. Enter your email address and password and click Sign In


Open the Office 365 Admin Center

Click open the pull down the tile menu at the top left of the page (see below) and click open Admin. If you have logged into Outlook Web Access (OWA) you will land on your email inbox, but the same tile menu is at the top left of your screen. If you have logged in using the, the page will look more like the example below. The example shows a fully featured Office 365 account. The tile menu will look different depending on the services you are subscribed to, however you will still have an Admin tile.

credit card2

Click open the next section to learn how to navigate to your Billing section.

2 - Navigating Office 365 Admin Center

The Office 365 Admin Center manages all your services in one dashboard. Information about your account with Microsoft is handled under Billing.

Click on Billing, and then click on Subscriptions to manage your credit/debit card information. Go to the next section for guidance on changing your credit/debit card details.

credit card3


3 - Update Credit/Debit Card Details

The Billing > Subscriptions page summarizes information at a glance about your account with Microsoft, including the licenses you are subscribed to, payment frequency, status, and forthcoming payments.

To modify your card details, click “Change payment details” and click “Edit” on the right hand sidebar which subsequently opens.

  • If you have a brand new card, click “add a card” to replace your old card.
  • If your new card uses the same account number, you may only need to change the expiry date. In this case, click “edit existing card” and make the changes.
  • Click “Save“.

This completes the process for updating an existing credit/debit card or setting up a new card.

credit card 4


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