IT Support

enjoying supportMore time to do what you want.

Comstat’s IT support frees you from the headaches that come with IT management so you can deal with your work where it suits you, when it suits you.

  • Conventional on-premise support
  • Remote office support
  • Office 365 network admin
  • Mobile device management
  • Data management tools
  • Reduced business costs

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  • Office 365, Exchange email and OneDrive
  • 1 TB of resilient Cloud data storage
  • Latest versions of Microsoft Office
  • Synchronize email and data on up to 5 devices

Managed Support Services

  • Remote …. 24/7 server and pc support
  • On-site …. when remote is just not enough
  • On-going …. Web updates, preventative maintenance of your hardware, network optimisation, Windows updates etc


  • Options for budgeted support
  • Options for those who prefer ad-hoc support
  • Support for Windows 7+ and Mac OS X.7+
  • Our support packages require an annual licence for remote access

Need Remote Desktop Help?

  1. Click the download link below
  2. Launch the app
  3. Give helpdesk the 9 digit code

For Windows and Apple workstations and laptops

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Call 07834 461 266 for IT Support

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Call 07919 340 570 for Web

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