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Delve - Grouping & Sharing

Delve is a an Office 365 app that helps users find documents from a variety of locations in Office 365.

As users store more documents in Office 365, conventional search tools become more inefficient. Delve simultaneously searches multiple data locations and allows to group, share, and collaborate with others. In many ways, it is the front end of your data store.  Watch the video for a quick tour and see the tutorial below for help on grouping and sharing documents in Delve.

Grouping and sharing documents with Delve

Create a board and add documents

After you get used to using Delve to search for documents for your own purposes, like perhaps invoices, you can use Delve’s grouping and sharing features to create “boards” which other people in your organization can browse. In the case of invoices, for instance, you can “pin” invoices you know others are interested in to a board which you can share with others.

You create boards directly from content cards in Delve.

Boards are open to everyone in your organization, and you can see, add documents to, or remove documents from any board in Delve. If a board has documents that you don’t have access to, those documents will not show up for you. If you create a board and add documents that only you or a few people have access to, no one else will see the documents, but they may see the board name.

On a card you want to add to the board, enter a board name in the box at the bottom of the card.


As you start typing, you will see the names of existing boards.

  • To create a new board and add the card, type a board name that doesn’t already exist.
  • To add the card to an existing board, type or select the name of that board.

When you add documents to a board, documents will show up for other users within a few minutes. Also, they will show up only for those people who have access to the documents.

Note: Not all content types can be added to boards. If Add to a board isn’t available on a card, you can’t add that content type to a board.



Add board to Favourites

You can keep track of boards by adding them to your favorites.

750128eb-5fab-44a6-a996-cbb548da422b[1]Click Add to favorites at the top of a board.

  • When you create a board, or add new content to one, the board is automatically added to your favorites.
  • Click a board name on a content card to see board contents.
  • If the card has been added to several boards, click on more on the card to see them all.
  • Boards are also listed under options in the left menu.
  • To add a document to your Favorites, click the star in the upper right corner of the card.




Share with others

To send a link to a board through email, click Send a link at the top of the board.


Type in the email address, change the message if you want, and send.

When you share a board, the people you share it with will only see the documents they have access to.

Sharing within Delve


To share a document with others from within Delve, click the Who can see this? icon on the content card, and then click Invite people.

share with people

When you open documents in Office Online, your colleagues can open them at the same time. That means you don’t have to wait for someone to finish adding information to a document before you can enter yours.

You can post documents to Yammer from Delve. You can also talk about the document on Yammer, or view existing conversations. Yammer conversations can be viewed by your colleagues both from Delve and from Yammer.


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