Outlook, Sharepoint, and Harmon.ie

Office 365 help series – Outlook, Sharepoint, and Harmon.ie

1. About Harmon.ie

Emails are increasingly used as documents of record for project management, task management, and work orders. Emails are stored separately from other kinds of documents, however, and are difficult to search and manage as users’ and organizations’ email volumes grow. These videos here explain how modern tools like Harmon.ie combine emails with other document types in a unified location to help individual users and teams access email and documents together. The last section demonstrates Harmon.ie’s features.

2. Connect to Harmon.ie
Harmon.ie is a third party tool that runs in Outlook desktop to help users distribute files to Sharepoint and OneDrive within the Outlook Desktop. Using Harmon.ie, users can:

  • navigate Office 365 Sharepoint sites
  • navigate Onedrive
  • find files
  • link files to emails
  • upload files, and download files.
This save users having to navigate their Office 365 portal to perform these tasks. Watch this video to learn how to link Harmon.ie to a Sharepoint site. You can find your Sharepoint site in your site settings.
Finding Onedrive/Sharepoint Content

Once Harmon.ie is added to Outlook for Desktop you add a SharePoint “site” to Harmon.ie to find manage files saved in OneDrive or SharePoint. Most small business users rely on OneDrive to store their documents. OneDrive is an app which sits within Sharepoint, so users add their Office 365 Sharepoint site to Outlook, which in turn includes their OneDrive location.

Here is a an overview of Harmon.ie desktop for Outlook. For more detail, click here.

harmon_ie desktop

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