Office 365 help series – Yammer

Yammer networking for business

Yammer is Microsoft’s social networking tool for business. Yammer provides secure internal networking for employees to communicate, share files, and join consultant, supplier, and customer networks. Yammer is part of the Office 365 app suite. Browse through the videos below to understand how Yammer works.

Yammer conversations
  • Conversation feed types
  • Conversation groups
  • Posting from home feeds
  • Private conversations with Online Now
  • Polls
  • Posting events
  • Language options
Connecting to external networks
  • Vendors, consultants, customers
  • Networks not dependant on email extension
  • Non-Exchange/Microsoft members can participate
  • Create networks
  • Manage external network permissions
Email to Yammer
  • Finding target address
  • Email attachments
  • the double hyphen protocol
  • Handling forwarded messages
  • Email settings
Files in Yammer
  • Uploading files
  • Group files
  • Following files
  • “Official” files
  • Sharing files
  • Annotating files
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