Caistar and Comstat and have been designing, developing, and hosting web sites since 2000. We design web sites, manage search engine optimization and ecommerce integration, and we provide training and network support.

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Graphics & Merchandising

This highly visual web site coordinates professional photography and creative web design techniques, including:

  • page sliders for video and stills
  • multiple layout options for image galleries
  • transparent background menu backdrops
  • shopping cart which is capable of display at Facebook
Imaging and graphics

Site software features highly specified utilities to cope with professionally produced graphics

  • rotating web page headers/sliders
  • single image and gallery layouts
  • special effects
  • mobile responsive image scaling
Creative textual display

Modern display techniques interactively engage users with “compacted” textual content while maximizing page graphics, including:

  • “toggle” features to hide text
  • “accordion” features to mask redundant content
  • mobile responsive layout
Integrated shopping cart

Merchandising is handled by a fully featured shopping cart:

  • seamless integration with web site layout
  • extensive product staging
  • integrated payment systems
  • integrated courier P&P price matrices
  • integrated Facebook capabilities
Magazine Layout

Amulet Fairs is a nationally recognized antique fair. The web site features a magazine layout to display its rolling annual event calenda. Events are automatically placed within the web site’s published layout in chronological order.

Chronological listings

To minimize professional involvement, this site has been developed so that the owner can publish illustrated articles advertising forthcoming events, scheduled in advance and published in chronological date order. This means that the owner can change event dates and add/remove events without worrying about organizing content manually:

  • manageable authoring tools
  • flexible publishing options
  • sequenced date rotation
Graphics management

Optimizing graphics for mobile responsive display on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices is a challenging task for most users. The site has been developed with auto-optimizing tools to help the site owners minimize their reliance on professional assistance to size images.

Responsive design

The site has been developed to display optimally on a wide variety of devices – mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop – to help end users navigate. Google takes mobile responsive capabilities into consideration when weighting searches to improve its own users’ search experiences.

Mobile responsive

This visual site showcases properties and interfaces with a major letting agency to handle availability, bookings, and secure payments for a portfolio of holiday cottages. Designed using Nominet’s new .uk extension, features optimised graphics and mobile responsive server utilities to automatically deliver the web site’s graphical content in layouts designed for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and large screen devices.

SSL certification

As businesses grow, suppliers and customers look for authenticity of services to give confidence in commercial transactions. One way to do this is with SSL Certification. ComStat manages SSL certification to provide end users and online payment partners with assurance that the web site is authentic. ComStat can supply 2048 bit SSL certification for a variety of purposes:

  • Self signed SSL
  • Single server SSL
  • Wild card SSL
  • Unified Communication
  • Extended validation
  • Extended validation multi domain
Web apps

Web sites are just one of a number of tools ComStat works with to help people and business manage information. Whether you want an online store to sell product lines, office solutions to distribute information, or web applications to deliver course content to delegates or students, ComStat delivers applications to suit your needs.

Social media

Social media plays an important role in drawing users to businesses. ComStat helps users establish professional services at:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Skype for Business
  • more…
Online payment processing
  • PayPal
  • WorldPay
  • Bitcoin
  • more..

Apps do not come much bigger than Office 365, and it is the solution of choice for business. ComStat has experience in a range of Cloud solutions for platforms including Microsoft, Apple, and Android:

  • Exchange Email
  • OneNote
  • Sharepoint
  • Evernote
  • Google Office
  • Dropbox
  • More…
Design considerations

Web site are about more than visual appeal. Businesses need tools to measure performance, improve accessibility, and demonstrate authenticity.

Web site statisitcs

Google Analytics is the tool of choice of for designers and owners alike. ComStat’s web sites patch Google’s ouput into web site back ends for ease of access by designers and managers:

  • enterprise class web statistics
  • user, location, session, page
  • social statistics
  • conversion statistics
  • more

“Accessibility” is an important design consideration. People do not see colours the same way that others do. Small devices need different navigation tools and brighter images than conventional desktop. Web sites need to cope with users who are visually impaired. ComStat’s web sites are designed with browser compliant standards to give users the best chance of a satisfying interaction, whatever their needs.

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