Working with Skype for Business

Office 365 help series – Skype for Business

Skype for Business - learning the basics

The Skype forBusiness webinar below introduces the key activities needed to get started with Skype for Business. From setting options to running a meeting, users will complete this video with the foundation needed to start using Skype for Business confidently.

The webinar covers the features listed below. If you want to skip to individual features, point the video progress bar to the bookmarks below.

  • Skype for Business client (2:43)
  • Instant Messaging (IM) (7:45)
  • Schedule meetings (12:00)
  • Meeting (15:56)
  • Summary (20:15)
  • External users, apps, and call monitor
  • Quick resources (23:15)

Handy posters are available for download underneath the webinar to help you get Skype for business working on your desktop.

To help you make the most of Skype for Business with your mobile devices, click on the links below to download these useful guides:

Skype for Business – desktop

Download these .pdf Quick Start Guides to familiarize yourself with Skype for Business’ commonly used tasks. Each user guide has 4 pages of tips and tricks to optimize Skype for Business on your desktop. If you are new to Skype for Business, or you have just installed your Skype for Business client, please be sure to start with Quick Start Guide – Audio setup and calls.

To download a user guide, click on the graphic. Approximate downloads sizes are indicated with each manual.

Audio setup and calls

(download size approx 600KB)

audio setup and calls


(download size approx 650KB)


Contacts, presence, and IM

(download size approx 670KB)

contacts and presence

Sharing and collaboration

(download size approx 600KB)


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