Exchange Kiosk is a bolt-on for Office 365 Enterprise licenses. Exchange Kiosk suits mobile users who do not use permanent workstation services but need mobile access to email, and optionally Sharepoint. The service does not include Office applications, and although Kiosk connects to tablets and mobile phones with ActiveSync, workstation and laptop access via Outlook uses POP3 settings.

The service is a useful way to reduce licensing costs for small businesses who have a PC at home, but need enough licenses to provide two or three independant licenses. In this case, Kiosk can be added to an Office 365 tenancy, whereas Hosted Exchange licenses require their own tenancies.

Exchange Kiosk is not available to Small Business Premium or domestic Office 365 licenses. Kiosk is designed for Active Directory, and is only available to Enterprise licenses (E1, E3, etc.). These screenshots display Kiosk POP3 settings for Outlook:

general pop settings



pop authentication

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