It is good practice to change email passwords occasionally. Sometimes, ComStat may ask you to change passwords if we suspect that a third party has compromised your account. If users do not know passwords, we can force a password change, however you should take responsibility of your passwords and we ask users to log in to their email accounts and overwrite our forced password changes with passwords of their own. To manage your passwords:

1. Go to your Webmail control panel at (replace with your own domain name).

2. Login with your email address and the password if you know it, or the password we have given you. Click open the settings icon. The image below shows you where this icon is.

imap password change 1

This is your Webmail account, and you can use this control panel to manage your email and your email settings, review mail statistics, and more.

3. In the next screen check that the control panel is opened to the “Account Settings” preferences, and the “User” tab, and then input your passwords and click save. A time of writing you will need a capital letter and a number in your password. Our policy may change from time to time. When you have entered your passwords, click “save”, which is located above the “User” tab.

imap password change 2

You have now changed your password. Also, changing your password will mean you need to update settings on any devices that connect to Office 365, including desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. This process will allow you to manage one account at a time. To manage another account, log out of your Webmail account, and then log in to the next account with that user’s credentials, and repeat.

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