From Sept 25th, ComStat is providing management services for users and organisations who need help managing business information on mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

While users increasingly connect to organizational data using multiple devices, the pace for keeping up with the protection of sensitive business and personal information has fallen behind that curve. Losing a mobile phone is one thing. Loss or theft of a mobile phone which holds business data is a potentially serious issue, and one which can put entities in breach of data protection laws.

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ComStat’s mobile device management services enable us to manage an organisation’s mobile “fleet” in a number of ways:

1. Controlling access to services by equipment brand, or model, or user
2. Implementing selective or global PIN access to mobile devices
3. Temporary restrictions to services from mobile devices
4. Wiping all information associated with user accounts.

For instance, if Alex loses a mobile phone in Frankfurt, he can probably get the SIM stopped rapidly. However, without management tools of some kind in place, whoever has custody of the phone has potential access to everything on Alex’ desktop at work. On notofication of loss, ComStat engineers can invoke any of the techniques above to restrict or stop all services associated with Alex’ account instantly.

The issue of “mobile” data protection is important for another reason. Entities who give you or your organisation access to their personal data expect a duty of care requiring the “custodian” to use the data for the purposes it wa given and to protect it. In cases where mobile devices are lost, information which at law belongs to your customers and which falls into someone else’s hands may leave you or your organisation with reputational and potentially legal liability.

Please contact us for more information about data loss protection and mobile device management services.

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