Office 365 users can tap into the Office Store’s app inventory to customise Office 365.

The facility enables authorised users to install apps from the Office 365 store.

Popular apps include Microsoft’s “Bing Maps”, which detects addresses in email content and gives users options to open maps within Outlook Web Acces (OWA). Another app which admins love is a tool for rendering email headers, which for some reason Microsoft have made so difficult for engineers to access in later versions of Outlook.

The real value comes for organisations whose admins can install apps within their Office 365 environment, and either make apps optionally available to end users, or push apps directly to end user accounts. This “server room” capability hints at Office 365’s more extensive features available to administrators, who have access to Exchange 2013’s full suite of management tools, which range from user account management to archiving policies and even options for managing, restricting, or wiping data on user’s connected mobile phones and tablets,  following loss or theft.

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Message Header Screen shots

The Message Header Analyzer runs as a drop down windows in OWA’s email reading pane.  Users click open the tool for a fully featured report on transport, anti-spam data, and other headers which help engineers isolate delivery issues. This screen shot shows summary header information – click on the images to see full res detail :

The Message Header Analyzer for OWA is a fully specified tool for examining various header types not normally available. This imge shows the summary header.

Message Analyzer also reports on header information not usually available in mainstream services like GMail, Windows Live, and Yahoo. Data is broken down into categories to help engineers understand present or potentially developing spam problems and transit information. In this screen shot, we have opened the “Original Headers” tab to capture raw data which is meaningful to engineers when troubleshooting. Click on the images to see full res detail:




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